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At Control Unlimited we are more than happy to offer a range of packages and installation services.

This also includes an Electrical Installation Package, if you are within reasonable proximity to Toowoomba.

With our teams’ diverse range of skills we are able to control and automate a large array of equipment found on many different types of agricultural operations. We have the experience and problem-solving knowledge required to take the hard work out of complex operating environments and combine them into one or multiple easy-to-use controlling interfaces. We also have all the equipment and skills required to install the complete package in a high quality, safe and durable manner.


We provide electrical automation services to give you complete control over your grain handling facility. With extensive experience with unload and sweep augers, elevators, grain loops, reclaim belts and drags, roller mills and more we can automate and control your entire grain handling process from one central location. Our systems are completely customised to your equipment and control specifications with electrical interlocking to minimise the risk in the event of equipment failure or accidents.

Our experience includes:

  • Unload and sweep augers

  • Elevators

  • Grain loops

  • Grain pumps

  • Reclaim and overhead belts and drags

  • Pneumatic conveying systems

  • Pneumatic and electric inlet and outlet slides

  • Silo level indication (low, full and current level)

  • Remote access of silo complex controls

  • Roller mills

  • Pump controls

Electrical Installation

Our team of tradesmen are happy to install our equipment at your site if required. We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality results in a format that is fully customised to your facility. With all the practical experience and knowledge of the equipment we can have your storages operating automatically and intelligently in a timely manner.

Control Unlimited team member working on silos on site
Control Unlimited team member working on start/stop cabinet on site

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