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Electrical Control Cabinet

Our Electrical Control Cabinets are designed specific to your requirements to give you control over all aspects of your grain handling facility

These cabinets house electrical components that are required for physical operation of your aeration fans, unload and sweep augers, generators and more. This equipment is sized specifically to your job requirements to ensure that your facility works reliably and safely for many years to come. 

Product Description

Electrical Control Cabinets give you the control over your grain storage facility that you need. These cabinets protect all required electrical equipment in a durable and weatherproof enclosure that is built custom to your requirements. With many different sized cabinets you can be sure that there is one to suit your needs. Whether it is a cabinet to allow you to control a few aeration fans, to a cabinet big enough to control an entire grain storage facility. Our team has the skills to provide a tailored solution to your equipment control demands in a high quality and durable format. 


  • Durable weatherproof enclosure 

  • Built custom to your requirements

  • High quality electrical components for improved reliability

  • Assembled by skilled electrical fitter mechanics with extensive knowledge in the industry

  • Works well in conjunction with a grain aeration controller

  • Lockable exterior door

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