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Our Generators are designed specific to your requirements to give you control over all aspects of your grain handling facility

We provide generators specifically sized to suit the aeration fans and silo outload equipment at site. With both single phase and three phase generators available we can meet your needs no  matter the applicaiton.  These custom built units range from 6 to 250 KVA for all sizes of grain storage facility. 



Product Description

With the size of on-farm grain storage and its ever increasing power requirements growing, generators are a great option to get power where you need it in a cost effective and reliable format. Our generators are sized to suit your site requirements and can also have design alterations specific for your grain storage needs. Like all our products they are backed up with high quality product support and technical assistance. They are available with an open skid frame, half canopy, a fully enclosed canopy or a lockable, silenced canopy. 

If you wish to discuss sizing and pricing for a generator specific to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the team. 


  • Single phase or three phase 

  • Available in a range of sizes from 6 to 250 KVA

  • High quality IVECO & YANMAR motors used

  • Available with 165Ltr or 550Ltr base fuel tank and pluming available to fit external fuel tank

  • Auto/Manual remote start options 

  • Self-extinguishing and fire retardant sound proofing

  • 1 year engine warranty

  • Ball valve oil drain for outside servicing

  • Weather proof Sound Attenuated galvanised and powder coated canopy for long service life

  • All standard OHS warning decals

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