VEGAVIB  Reliable Level Detection

The Vega Vibrating Rod is the perfect solution for knowing when grain storages are full - without the hassle.

Unloading trucks, watching augers and keeping an eye on the silo level can be a handful at the best of times. The Vega Vibrating Rod looks to take the hassle out of loading silos by indicating the storage is full without the hassle of climbing silos. The sensor can turn on an indicator light when full, or automatically start shutting off the handling equipment as required. In a robust and simple format built for Australian conditions, no amount of dust or extended use will interfere with the devices outstanding performance. 

Product Description

Introducing the latest technology in silo level indication, the Vega Vibrating rod is built for consistent and reliable grain level monitoring. Its low maintenance format allows for accurate indication of a silo full level. This is relayed back to the operator by either an indicator light or can be done automatically in conjuction with one of our electrical control cabinets. 

Supplied with simple mounting instructions the VEGAVIB can be mounted on any existing grain storage with little hassle. The device is mounted at a height equivalent to the silo being full or empty, and when grain reaches this point the sensor sends a signal to indicate the silo is now full. Its simple operation really does take the hassle out of climbing silos while loading and unloading trucks, and allows the operator to maintain a close proximity to the equipment being used.

It detects the limit level reliably and with millimetre accuracy directly at the mounting position. The smooth surface of the vibrating rod, without sharp corners or edges, prevents bulk material from getting stuck or jammed and is easy to clean.







  • Strong and sturdy design

  • Simple format ensuring reliability

  • Supplied with all operating instructions

  • Works in all grain types

  • Easy installation

  • Durable and weatherproof housing

  • Avoids health and safety concerns for climbing silos

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