Starting out in 2002 from humble beginnings, Control Unlimited have expanded their Australian-owned business into a team of hard-working professionals in the growing Toowoomba region.

We specialise in the manufacturing, supplying, testing and installation of grain aeration and handling equipment, as well as electrical cabinets to safely house these products.

The Control Unlimited team are either from farming backgrounds or have a keen interest in the industry, which means they understand the personal challenges their customers deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Mark Conway, head of the business and family, has been working with farmers since 1985 and working in the grain storage and aeration industry since 1996. Raised on a mixed farming enterprise near Moonie, almost all of his family still work on their farms today.

With a wide skill-set, 2 fully-qualified electrical fitter mechanics, 40 years of combined experience across our team and the capacity to do R&D, you can trust that our team is not only experienced at what they do but committed to working professionally and in a timely manner.

Our primary focus at Control Unlimited is to provide outstanding customer service, both before and after a sale, to get to know our customers’ operations inside and out. We are committed to putting in the time and effort to see a job done right the first time while producing quality, long-lasting results.

At Control Unlimited we have never passed up the opportunity to challenge ourselves and are willing to give new opportunities a go – whether it’s different facilities, like feedlots, or working with different products, such as peanut facilities or aerating compost piles. We pride ourselves on taking on not just the big jobs but the smaller tasks too. We try to cater to everyone and always find new pathways to follow to make your vision a reality.

Past automation and innovation jobs:
  • Compost aeration controllers - Monitoring CO2, moisture and temperature levels

  • Egg oilers

  • Controlling pumps - For adding additives into irrigation water to minimise or stop blockages

  • Timing pumps and valves - To lubricate bore casing

  • Product reliability and performance testing

  • Grain vs Humidity Trials - Constantly performing trials to accurately identify how best to dry grain using ambient air

  • Simplifying the controller interface - Testing how to make the controller more accessible and easier for farmers to use

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